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Latest News February 21, 2020

‘Have your say on CAM’ – Mayor launches public consultation

Latest News February 17, 2020

Mayor takes control of the delivery of public transport solutions

Latest News February 14, 2020

Mayor’s response to XR planned protests in Cambridgeshire

Latest News February 13, 2020
£100k Homes

Public urged to back trailblazing £100k Homes after website launches

Latest News February 5, 2020
ARU Peterborough

Mayor launches plans for University of Peterborough to the public

Latest News January 30, 2020

Mayor confirms Cambridgeshire Metro plans will not be affected by

Latest News January 30, 2020
Affordable Housing

Mayor welcomes Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission report

Latest News January 29, 2020
Boards and Committees

Board gives ‘Metro Mayor’ green light for public consultation on

Latest News January 28, 2020

Ready Steady Brexit: Mayor urges bosses to get free Brexit

Latest News January 22, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Mayor applauds Health and Care Work Academy achievements

Latest News January 21, 2020

St Neots gets people-friendly new look with street makeover

Latest News January 21, 2020
Active Travel

Mayor James Palmer launches e-bikes in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough with