A605 Oundle Road; Completed

The Combined Authority is working with Peterborough City Council to improve the traffic on the A605 between Alwalton and Lynchwood Business Park.

The A605 is a key road around Peterborough for public transport, cyclists, emergency vehicles like ambulances, and car-users.

Why is it important?

  • The A605 is already busy in this area, and when a planning application for new houses was submitted, Highways England showed that new traffic lights would be needed.
  • Traffic studies showed:
    • jams and delays at peak times because of the traffic joining the A605 from the A1
    • too much traffic for the road between Alwalton and the Lynch Wood Business Park junction

What difference will it make?

Improving the A605 between the Alwalton and Lynch Wood junctions is expected to:

  • Improve journey times for all road users
  • Improve safety on this section of road
  • Unlock 2,000 jobs in the area

An extra lane eastbound between Alwalton and Lynch Wood has now been added.

What happens next?

The improvements have now been completed.

When do I have a say?

The project is now completed.

When a project is delivered by one of our constituent councils, they promote public information events and consultations and we support them.

If you have comments at any time, get in touch using the Contact Us form.


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A605 Oundle Road

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