Kings Dyke

A solution to the road traffic queues that build up at the rail crossing at King’s Dyke between Whittlesey and Peterborough has been needed locally for many years. The project will create a new road crossing over the existing railways line, to allow for the existing level crossing on the A605 to be closed.

Why is it important?

  • The level crossing at Kings Dyke leads to significant traffic jams and delays, especially at peak times
  • Currently the level crossing can be down for 12-23 minutes per hour, leading to major delays
  • The number of trains is set to increase, making the issue more severe
  • Increasing growth in housing and jobs around Whittlesey will create more traffic

What difference will it make?

Creating a new road crossing and closing the existing level crossing aims to:

  • remove the significant traffic blockage of the level crossing
  • increase safety and reduce the risk of accidents
  • decrease traffic jams and delays on the A605 and surrounding roads
  • improve connections to Whittlesey and the wider region
  • support economic growth and housing development

What happens next?

Work is underway on the project; you can view footage of the work so far below.


When can I have a say?

When a project is managed and delivered by one of our constituent councils, they promote public information events and consultations and we support them.

Public consultation on this project took place in 2014.

If you have comments at any time, get in touch using the Contact Us form.

Where Can I learn more?

The Full Business Case is the technical document that lays out the current thinking and plans for the project.


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