Fengate Phase 2: University Access

The Combined Authority is working with our partners at Peterborough City Council to ensure that the road network around the site of the new University will withstand the increase in traffic of all kinds.

The new University will be built on the Embankment in Peterborough, where there are already a number of complex road junctions and traffic layouts. To create a safe and easy-to-use transport network for everyone, whether they are walking, cycling or arriving by bus, we need to make sure the roads can take the increase in traffic.

Why is it important?

  • The University will increase traffic, including public transport, pedestrians, cyclists and some car users.
  • Traffic jams and delays are already very common
  • Accidents are common
  • We want to link up public transport and active travel options across the region

What difference will it make?

Improving the road layouts is expected to:

  • encourage active travel and public transport use
  • reduce accidents in the area
  • improve traffic and delays
  • help to support new housing and jobs in the area

What happens next?

We are working towards the Strategic Outline Business Case.

The initial timetable will be published in this report, so we will update with the expected start and finish dates as soon as we can.

When do I have a say?

We will update here when there is more information on the timetable for public consultation.

We welcome comments or suggestions at any time: please use our Contact Us form to get in touch with the transport team.

Where Can I learn more?

We’re creating the first of the technical documents for the project. We will update here when this is ready to view.


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